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Our technology is designed to bring clarity to the landscape of social media data. We capture, synthesize and interpret all available data on a neighborhood across products, enabling our clients to make better, more informed and more confident about neighborhoods.
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The company aggregates trillions of social media posts from across the Internet and use computer vision, natural language processing and deep learning to quantify and interpret the data. Don't trust stereotypes, unverified and outdated reports.

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BoomSight uses social media data to identify, predict and define potential neighborhoods. The company network combines neighborhood identifiers with public profiles to determine the typical behavior of people who live or work in a specific neighborhood.

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We will send a weekly newsletter that contains analysis of social media conversations from your neighborhood.

Your Neighborhood is Talking
The future of neighborhood discovery is social


Learn how your neighborhood talks about different activities, like, walking, running, biking, swimming, etc


Discover how many people talk about crime related activities in your area, like, loot, burglary, theft, robbery


Discover how busy roads are in your community, like, traffic, noise, public transport


Learn what people are saying online about schools in your community.

Illegal Substances

Find the number of people talking about illegal substances in your neighborhood.

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Political Discussions

Know how involved people are in political conversations.

Snow Removal

Find how many people are talking about snow removal services.

Garbage Services

Learn more about garbage collection conversations from your area.


Learn how important diversity conversations are in your community.


Know what people say about parking spaces and parking tickets in your area.