FAQs - Definitions:

How do we display analysis of each parameter?
We provide analysis based on conversations those people share on social media platforms. We then applied our algorithm to calculate analysis of each parameter for different locations around the world.
Is BoomSight free?
BoomSight is free to get the analysis of different zip codes. You can subscribe to receive a weekly email alert of 1 zip code for free.
How much does the premium account cost?
Our premium account cost starts from $5 per month. However, for a limited time, we are running a promo for our early adopters where you get the premium account free for 3 months if you refer to 3 of your friends to sign up for BoomSight.
We send weekly emails & SMS with different analysis reports for different locations to premium accounts.
How is the happiness level calculated?
The happiness level is calculated based on positive conversations in your neighborhood.