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About Surviving an American Gulag by Edward Patterson - Freado
About Surviving an American Gulag by Edward Patterson - Freado

Welcome to Ft. Gordon, Ga - the Special Training Unit. It's 1967, the height of the Vietnam War and Private Winslow Gibbs has been drafted. He's two-hundred and seventy pounds and a bundle of nerves. He also has issues of a different nature, but in these days before the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, these are dealt with in the American Gulag, the Army's answer to the problem. What they don't count on are the ones like Private Gibbs, who want to survive it and serve. Based on the author's own experiences, Surviving an American Gulag is a story that the military would prefer remain a footnote. However, it is a defining moment and should not be lost to posterity. Also included with this work is A Dime a Dip, a tale of the author's grandmother

About Turning Idolater by Edward Patterson - Freado
About Turning Idolater by Edward Patterson - Freado

Philip Flaxen, who strips past his jockstrap on the Internet for, acquires a rare gift - a book that transforms his life. With it, he sparks with a famous author, whittles away at a new craft, swims with an odd circle of new acquaintances and is swept up in mayhem. Philip leaves the world of the Porn Nazi and enters the realm of crisp possibilities - great expectations and dark secrets that unravel over deep waters. Follow this whodunit as Philip Flaxen turns idolater and never looks back - a tale of Internet strippers, back street murders, Provincetown glitz, New York City nightlife and a love story for the ages. If you liked No Irish Need Apply and loved Bobby's Trace, you will absolutely adore Turning Idolater. Life is filled

Instagram Photos by @mikepanic | Crispy Hundos

Instagram Photos by @mikepanic | Crispy Hundos

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
Jesus thinks actively killing people to end their suffering is murder. I know He thinks this because His mystical b…
@willieg_9 @CasuallyGreg You got it twisted. Do you think that if crime was excessively high in a white neighborhoo…
A death penalty is not a deterrent for murder. There was a time the crime of picking someone’s pocket was punished…
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Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Allentown, Pennsylvania:

I’m having such a rough day on smash lmfaoooo why did I run into this

The real question we should be asking is why the @orlandosentinel chose to run a piece like this giving voice to a…

Join me in a walk in the woods. Close your eyes. Feel the sun on your face. Listen to the birds. Smell the pine. Welcome to my church.

% of your future neighbors are talking positively about
Garbage collection services
Charles and Ginny Haas, ages 97 and 96, were both @Becahi_Hawks basketball players and proud members of the school’…
My EF MC’s wife teaches 4th grade in a Catholic school. He also runs out men’s group. Occasionally the topic of the…
We may be a 'small liberal arts college,' but we are mighty! Excited to be recognized for our top-tier educational…
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