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The top articles in Aurora, Illinois are:
Radio Shopping Show - wbig1280

Tim H.'s review of Oswego Family Restaurant
Tim H.'s review of Oswego Family Restaurant

Delivery & Pickup Options - 156 reviews of Oswego Family Restaurant "Good 'home cooked' food, friendly fast service and big portions. When the bf and I have time for a sit-down breakfast on the weekends we head here. Sometimes it's crowded but the wait is never long. The food is tasty if not particularly healthy and if you clean your plate while you're there you'll be too full. The staff tends to be pretty steady which is always a good sign. Two thumbs up on this one, go here for a good price on a good meal and keep a local business open so we don't have to get our grub from Red Robin!"

Tim H.'s review of Harner's Bakery And Restaurant
Tim H.'s review of Harner's Bakery And Restaurant

Delivery & Pickup Options - 332 reviews of Harner's Bakery And Restaurant "Yes, the wait can be long, but there's always a platter of free cookies at the register. I've never gone for lunch or supper, only breakfast, so I can't say anything about other meals, but we like their whole-grain pancakes and egg dishes. I find the sausage patties too spicy, though. There are always freshly baked treats (I think it was zucchini bread last time) in the bread basket, and the homemade jam is outstanding. My only complaint is that the smoking section is right behind the waiting and bakery area. I can't wait until January when I don't have to put up with smoking and can sit at the counter. Parking can get a bit crowded, so try the adjacent municipal lo

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
There were four major college-campus hate crime hoaxes basically last week.
Black Americans are actually one of the most stable and 'trad' groups in the USA. To some real extent, the twin p…
There's an odd tendency, inside the US up-middle class, to mock common sense ideas like: 'I will reduce crime by hi…
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Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Aurora, Illinois:

In general, it is a bad idea to allow people who seem to hate your society to run it.

A major pet peeve is people saying: 'While a (mass shooter) WALKED FREE, (one person of another race) was killed by…

The entire country is being run - at least culturally - by the sort of panicked lower-upper class people who used t…

% of your future neighbors are talking positively about
Garbage collection services
There is no purely medical explanation for why the percentage of high school kids who ID as transgender has increas…
CNN-style media loves Asian Americans, until it's time to discuss gifted programs, selective high schools, school c…
Out of real curiosity: were any of you guys who went to school in the 1970s or 1980s taught that slavery was a good…
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