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The top articles in Dublin, California are:
Millions Locked Down Again as Canada Rues Vaccine Failure

Back in December, before the COVID-19 variants changed the course of the pandemic, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau bragged that he had procured enough potential vaccines to protect a population four times the size of Canada. But four months later, not even two percent of Canada’s population of just under 38 million is fully vaccinated and large swaths of the country are going back into lockdown thanks to a brutal third wave. Canada has...

Tri-Valley High Schoolers Share 'Corona Chronicles': Poem
Tri-Valley High Schoolers Share 'Corona Chronicles': Poem

Tri-Valley High Schoolers Share 'Corona Chronicles': Poem - Pleasanton, CA - Two Pleasanton high school students reflect on the past year and what lies ahead in a poem submitted to Patch.

Top Official Warned That Covid Vaccine Plant Had to Be ‘Monitored Closely’
Top Official Warned That Covid Vaccine Plant Had to Be ‘Monitored Closely’

An Operation Warp Speed report last June flagged staffing and quality control concerns at Emergent BioSolutions’ factory in Baltimore. The troubled plant recently had to throw out up to 15 million doses.

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
'They’re the ones making the lines longer— And then they want to make it a crime to bring grandma some water? Make…
The only false narrative here is the one that says there was widespread election fraud. To say otherwise—*THAT* is…
@TheAvgBlackMan This is a crime.
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Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Dublin, California:

Calling experienced #Khive phone bankers to the D16 Bronx: speaking about @NYSenBenjamin's run for Comptroller. Any…

2 outs, 2-2 count, and we were down 2-3. Hit a 2 run RBI single- we won the game 4-3! Awesome game today…

2-3 at the plate today with a double and a triple. Managed to drive in 1 run and score once. Was involved in both o…

% of your future neighbors are talking positively about
Garbage collection services
@SashaBeauloux WYT middle school male.
Not me texting one of my high school teachers to figure out how to get a copy of my diploma since my school DOESNT FUCKING EXIST ANYMORE
@patrickdmarley @MollyBeck @hannahvanamber I can see why there have been so many budget cuts for education in Wisco…
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