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Learning At Home - WVIA
Learning At Home - WVIA

PBS and Local programs with curriculum and additional resources that parents and educators can use for students in grades 4-12

Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, January 23, 2022
Capricorn Horoscope for Sunday, January 23, 2022

Read the free Astrology Horoscope of the Day for the Capricorn zodiac sign

IEM :: Local Storm Report App
IEM :: Local Storm Report App

Iowa State University, Iowa Environmental Mesonet

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
@billjamesonline Both criminal acts. The elements of the crime are always the same, but sentencing can differ. Th…
@Namell_a @Dipoism @Complex that Telfar logo is literally ripped off of Sergio Tacchinis logo anyway who are they to speak on theft
@Mi_Astronauta @AngryBlackLady Fun fact!! Even if it was about his sex addiction, he still chose to murder Asian pe…
Activity: Find a fitness pal in your area

Whether you are looking for fitness pals or fitness classes, we can help you connect with people. People are conversing, liking, checking in to the parks, fitness centers, and participating in marathons.

Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Exeter, Pennsylvania:

@TeaSpillYT It's just pathetic to me that Shane Dawson got run off the internet for distasteful jokes and behavior…

@LIRIK FYI. She is a needy girl. I have to pick her up and hold her everyday I walk in the door from work. Or else…

Big race for @aliywilli in the steeple running 10:33! Nice little comeback season for this one. #WeAre…

% of your future neighbors are talking positively about
Garbage collection services
@HoloShedevil @infinitsummer @Bluenosedbee that was definitely a lie from big education to stop your fun. sporks wo…
@Ursula97336061 @ehud613 @gauravisnothere @akirangei i heard at catholic schools they get pretty hands on about the education
I'm done with school cause I had a half day and idk what to do now
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