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‎<i><b>In every private investigation, there are rules and limitations—when a child's life is on the line, all may be broken.</b></i><br /><b>FINALIST:</b>&#xa0;Book Excellence Awards 2021 - Thriller<br /><b>WINNER:</b>&#xa0;Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Winter 2021 – Best Crime Fiction<br /><br /…

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I can’t believe my little bro is 30. Happy birthday to my partner in crime @Ninja
@MrAndyNgo So...crime increased after the police were removed. Who could have predicted this?
@JBiastock @AdamSchefter It's sad that you think murder is political!
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Walked in school today and this is what was there! I absolutely love being a part of GRAYSLAKE School District 46!!…

When you walk in to the gym&amp;see this guy’s face&amp;it literally makes you cry and smile so big all at the same time! M…

Was just talking to my mom about how much we used to run in high school baseball, her response: “why would you do t…

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Garbage collection services
Grounders are outs in pro ball. Grounders are outs in college ball. Grounders are outs in high school ball. Telling…
I am so excited to say that starting July 1, I will be the next principal at Matthews Middle School. I am gratef…
Today, After 18 years of countless memories, I leave Johnsburg High School for the final time. I am overwhelmed by…
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