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The Historic HOA — Eye On Loveland
The Historic HOA — Eye On Loveland

The Loveland city council is about to pass regulations for what private property owners in the downtown designated areas can, and can not, do to the buildings and land they own. Who is ready to involuntary join an HOA led by the government? Join us for an all new podcast where we discuss why this

Breaking News — Eye On Loveland
Breaking News — Eye On Loveland

Update - 2/26/2021 3:05pm - Story from the Cincinnati Enquirer - Click Here Update - 2/26/2021 11:30am - This is City of Loveland official response to this matter CLICK HERE Eye On Loveland mentioned several weeks ago a potential issue concerning the “ investigation of charges or comp

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
So @mattgaetz says its not a crime to provide “ppl” u r “dating” w ✈️ tickets & 🏨 ... & that may well be true IF t…
This is a crime against Americans! This administration is NOT working for Americans, AT ALL!!!
@NikkiNikkinow2 DUMBEST defense for murder EVER
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Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Loveland, Ohio:

JV wins tonight 10-8 on the back of Sean Krueckeberg who was 5-5 with two home runs, one of which was a walk off!

Girls and boys come home as double winners against Harrison, Talawanda, and rapid Run!! @GoLMSTigers @MrDavidKnapp

Tonight I was 1 for 1 with my 3rd home run of the season @StriveSoftball @IHartFastpitch @UofL_CoachHolly…

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Garbage collection services
It’s a Great day to be great! What an awesome season! Proud of our kids, proud of our school, Love my seniors!…
A picture perfect day for the Loveland Middle School Invitational here at Tiger Stadium! Hats off to the coaches, o…
Had to snag this since it was my high school nickname. 🥸
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