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Why BLM Co-founder Is Being Branded a 'Fraud' After Latest Real Estate Purchase
Why BLM Co-founder Is Being Branded a 'Fraud' After Latest Real Estate Purchase

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors is being called out as a “fraud” for buying an expensive home in an overwhelmingly white, secluded area of California.The 37-year-old “trained Marxist” bought

MUZIKVIBE.COM – Can you Feel it !!!

Address not provided Hewlett, NY 11557
Address not provided Hewlett, NY 11557

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
@SNYtv Look, the Wilpons/Brodie got the insurance fraud they wanted, and that's all that matters here.
Why BLM Co-founder Is Being Branded a 'Fraud' After Latest Real Estate Purchase by Leah Barkoukis
28 stab wounds is trending and I'm here for it
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Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Malverne, New York:

First Inning No Runs in Sunday Night Baseball. Fuck it!

We have several runners on this rainy Sunday at Aqueduct, starting with Amendment Nineteen in the opener. Too Early…

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Garbage collection services
We were proud to have 10 more students selected from the School of Arts & Sciences to present their research at…
Boys Varsity Soccer Team defeated Locust Valley HS today 5-1 and made school history by clinching a playoff spot. U…
We’ve got a 4th Grade School Winner for the @ZanerBloser Handwriting Contest! 🏆🥇 SO well deserved! @WaverlyParkElem
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