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The top articles in Mountain View, California are:
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Jobs in robotics? – Silicon Valley Robotics

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
People called @tesla @elonmusk a Fraud and told them that they would go bankrupt. But check out the yearly journey…
“The Georgia legislation is built on a lie. There was NO widespread fraud… Politicians who didn't like the outcome…
Ban assault weapons.
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Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Mountain View, California:

Not only are Teslas cheaper to have on your police fleet but they’ll be able to catch anyone trying to run. More an…

Zungu beat up a woman until she couldn’t walk and then came to tweet about Euros like it was a normal Monday. It’s…

Cycling’s greatest innovation since the invention of the bike itself. Pedal on, @GoogleNL.

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Garbage collection services
Me and My classmate in grad school started our lives in the U.S as top students. Today she is an American citizen n…
Biden’s Department of Education can cancel student debt today.
not saying adulthood is disappointing but given how often we talked about STOP DROP AND ROLL in school I really ant…
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