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The top articles in Rantoul, Illinois are:
Pharmacy Technician - $1000 Sign On Bonus Available - CVS
Pharmacy Technician - $1000 Sign On Bonus Available - CVS


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The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
Voter Fraud and Fake Elections are now a part of our country. And y’all still hate on the South from the 1860’s. Idiots.
My psychotic mind Threw you In the trenches Not at all Ready Unstable waves Nearly destroyed Your fragile life I d…
Rewatch: Murder on Middle Beach @madison_hamburg One of the most unique documentaries I’ve ever seen. Worth the watch.
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Your potential fitness buddies’ conversations in Rantoul, Illinois:

I have noticed my #mentalhealth is better since not being on Twitter as much. Took a walk with my daughter and w…

💣#1 2 run bomb to RF at the #ILStateGames in Rantoul, IL @PBRIllinois @ChicagoELITE18u @LWWestBaseball

Hit a 3-run home run @PBRIllinois State Games in Rantoul, IL. Let’s go Rev! @NWREVOLUTIONBB

% of your future neighbors are talking positively about
Garbage collection services
My daughter just told me they talked about thoughts at school today and why was my first response “excuse me you sa…
Urbana schools are great for some but not all. LARA ORR wants to fix that! She wants more resources to innovate pos…
First outdoor track meet tomorrow since the 2019 State Meet! @Kankakee High School We are a small team currently u…
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