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"Side of The House" (Quarantine Cleaning Series) | Rare Digital Artwork
"Side of The House" (Quarantine Cleaning Series) | Rare Digital Artwork

Self-similar math art that investigates the beauty of surreal yet familiar objects and dimensions. This particular piece is part of the "Quarantine Cleaning Series” where I associated the art with fictional places I discovered around the house while deep cleaning. The first buyer ALSO receives a 1 of 1 museum quality 12" x 12" giclee print. (Print has 1/2" white border for signature and framing) You can find a photo of the print on my website (redideo dot com) under "art shop" and "giclee prints". The print was listed, but I decided to couple it with the master NFT digital …

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@BretBets @michaelmalice I didn’t realize looters overpaid for real estate in less desirable states, raising prices…
@litocesar estaba en un motel, hice contacto visual con uno desde el balcon y al rato me dejo un pucho en la puerta de mi cuarto
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Manny Machado doesn’t hustle. That narrative should be dead and gone because his hustle extended this game. #Padres

It’s go time baby. I want to go to bed. Walk it off. #LAvSD

Machado is the guy you hate when he’s not on your team but love when he is. Big time hustle in the bottom of the 9th to manufacture a run.

% of your future neighbors are talking positively about
Garbage collection services
Never thought I’d see the day our #Padres actually get that no-hitter. The fact it’s a dude from my high school mak…
High school basketball in April - and a huge game: Corona Centennial at Torrey Pines
I’m about to graduate Law School and I still can’t make an argument without wanting to cry. WTF.
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