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Damasta - flashed back(Prod. Lil Miva)(EXPLICIT)(official audio)
Damasta - flashed back(Prod. Lil Miva)(EXPLICIT)(official audio)

Had to smash this one. Really got the energy down on it. Thanks to my boy Lil Miva for these packs man. Tune in, share, add to your playlists, and shit. #Bnf...

Pharmacy Technician - CVS
Pharmacy Technician - CVS

The most engaging conversations about crimes are:
@lulalandpj Pennsylvania’s highest court threw out Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction and released him from pri…
Family or not ian saying free nobody who did a wrongful crime.
@YungMiami305 Secret society.. how to get away with Murder (it’s a show but it’s still good) ... queen of the south (show)
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50+ run touchdown play ⭐️

It was time! Had to drop this one on y'all! Winnin out here. Got my boy Miva on the prod! @SpazTheBeat run it up!

Another one that i had to vent on. The feels run deep in this though. So be sure to listen and put your like and sh…

% of your future neighbors are talking positively about
Garbage collection services
Did you know? This week is National Adult Education & Family Literacy Week! We're proud to work with students daily…
Great things are happening in WACO Nation! Congratulations to Ridge Road Elementary for being 13WMAZ’s School of th…
I got two jobs both paying great,two cars,bills paid and I start school in may😩🙌🏽I’m proud of my damn self🤞🏽👩‍👧
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